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Background Removal

To remove backgrounds, we use clipping paths, masking, or a combination of both. Clipping paths usually offer better results and more options for post-processing, but they are very labor-intensive. We can use ‘pixel-based’ methods to remove backgrounds so we can offer lower prices but these methods are not suitable when high quality is required. We can resize and crop isolated images and convert them to the correct file format, so they’re ready for use.

Christmas tree Editing

We often use airbrushing to even out coloured surfaces. After the background has been removed, surfaces are selected from the object and cleaned or evened out per (coloured) surface. The Photoshop tools that are used for this refinishing are Quick Selection, Color Selection, Blurring, Clone Stamp Tool, Pathing, etc. Airbrushing is used primarily for Food and Non-food. Packaging should, in fact, always be airbrushed because it is never perfect (damaged, printing errors, etc.), and never evenly colored (due to lighting).


MisterClipping can remove lint, stains, threads, pins, scratches, creases, folds, dust, frayed edges, and so on. For example, adhesive residue and scratches on shoes; the reflection of the camera in a bottle of wine; unwanted light or shadow on a piece of jewellery, threads and lint on a garment; brown spots on grapes; dust, dirt, color errors and printing errors on packaging. We clean mainly images of apparel, shoes, accessories, jewellery, food, and packaged products.

Colour Correction

We correct colour values and any colour dispositions. These can be white, grey or black values, but also incorrect distribution of R, G, and B. Photos with a flare can be neutralised with Curves and Levels. We mainly do colour corrections and manipulation for the Food industry.

Cropping / Positioning / Resizing

We do cropping, positioning and file size optimisation for nearly all the images we process. By carrying out these processes in a line (after isolating and any additional editing), the images are 100% ready for final use. Images can be loaded directly into a content management system or database. By saving images in the final format and with the right compression long loading time is avoided.

Invisible Mannequin

The Invisible mannequin technique is used to make it look like an invisible model was wearing a garment during a photo shoot. This effect is realised by taking two separate images: one of the garment on the model and one of the inside of the garment. Invisible mannequin is used for upper garments – jackets, sweaters, vests, shirts, undershirts, etc. – but also for pants, dresses and skirts. Invisible mannequin is often combined with (simultaneous) processes such as De-creasing, Reshaping, Cleaning, Recolouring, etc.

Multiple Clipping paths / Color Mask

In general, MisterClipping delivers the edited image in the same file format in which it was received. If desired or necessary we can convert the file. It is also possible to supply one type/format and to have multiple versions returned to you. MisterClipping optimises the image for specific applications/use, for example, a high-res. tiff or .psd for print, and a low-res .jpg or .png ready for web.


An object is recoloured by first creating a path or mask around the part of the object that is to be recoloured. With the help of histograms, a new colour is created in Photoshop. The different color versions can be added to the original file as layers or be returned as separate files with RGB codes or colour swatches. With this technique, it’s even possible to give an object a different texture or pattern.

Removing Creases

Removal of unwanted creases and folds is done mainly for apparel, textiles and packaging. We do this not only for apparel, but also for packaging (bags, wrappers, etc.). Removing creases and folds is combined with shadow correction (reduction) and retention of shape and texture..

Multiple File delivery

In general, Mister Clipping delivers the edited image in the same file format in which it was received. If desired or necessary (for example, if an edited image contains layers or has to support transparency, as opposed to the original), we can convert the file.It is also possible to supply one type/format and to have multiple versions returned to you.

Mister Clipping optimises the image for specific applications/use: for example, a high-res. tiff or .psd for print, and a low-res .jpg or .png ready for web.

Also suitable and used for the delivery of recoloured or reshaped images.


We reshape a photo with Photoshop techniques such as paths, liquefying, cloning, warping, etc., Reshaping is done for all possible product groups, industries and sectors. Most common editing for apparel: evening the length of sleeves and/or pant legs, evening the height of shoulders or hips, the smoothing out of the fit. For packaging (food, supermarket): placing objects upright, straightening, evening out, etc.

Object Retouching

Object Retouching is a generic term for a variety of adjustments we can make. The bottle of wine in this example has been filled up to the label; reflection and shadows have been removed or evened out; the label has been replaced by another one with separate exposure; the legibility of the text has been improved; the scalloped edge on the bottom has been smoothed out; and the year has been removed. Object Retouching is applied to all possible objects for all industries and sectors.

Model Retouching

Irregularities on the skin are eliminated, color shades are adjusted/evened out. We do this by creating an additional selection (path or a mask) of the model’s skin (face, hands, legs, etc.). Color values are then measured and corrected. Irregularities are removed using the Clone and Spot Healing tools. Bags under the eyes, pimples, tattoos, birthmarks, etc. are eliminated or reduced if desired. Other common modifications are whitening teeth, body hair removal, accentuating body contours and effects.

Shadows and Reflections

A shadow can be a drop shadow based on the outlines of an object – or a natural shadow. Shadows can be used on any background/surface. Depth, direction, colour, intensity, etc. can be detailed in the specifications. Reflections are created by simulating an object on a mirrored surface. If there are reflections in the original photo (due to use of a mirrored surface) these can also be retained.

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