Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Service
27 May

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Service

With the passage of time, the value of Photoshop mannequin service is indeed increasing. This is highly due to the cost-effectiveness and efficiency that mannequins usage brings about for your product images. The main factor that adds value to photoshop to ghost mannequin service is that it is a profitable way to promote your products.

Ghost mannequin service is a new trend in the industry

Ghost mannequin services are also known as invisible mannequin or neck joint services. This is because in delivering these services, plastic mannequins or models are used instead of human figures to create the 2D or 3D shape of garment items. Various types of pants, jackets, swimsuits, and shirts are worn by the mannequins using Photoshop, and thus the value of Photoshop ghost mannequin service is indeed great.

Mannequins enable your product images to hold their shape that can make product images look more consistent as well as professional. However, it shall be noted that mannequins can be quite distracting; therefore, a great alternative is to make a ghost mannequin effect for your product images. This makes your mannequin seem invisible.

At first glance, this image may look difficult to reproduce and seems to be quite challenging. However, as you move ahead and forth, it seems feasible and attainable to reproduce this image.

It's a cost-effective way to promote any product

Mannequins enable your products to keep hold of their shape that can make product images look more enhanced. A simple process is followed to come up with the desired effect, and that is what helps in adding the value of the photo ship ghost mannequin service.

This process involves blending two images of a single product. It is crucial here to understand how you need to photograph your products to make the post-production process more efficient.

The value of the Photoshop ghost mannequin service is enhanced when an attractive posing mannequin is selected. In doing this, it shall be considered that you need to utilize mannequins in such a manner that they become unique and best fit each product.

What is a Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop

In times when it gets hard to show the mannequin in every image, what you can do is that seem the mannequins invisible later with the help of Photoshop. Removal of mannequins can be quite a tough task for smaller retailers, though, and thus to create a ghost mannequin illusion, you would need to photograph your product being worn by the mannequin from several angles. The positive side to this is that you would always be able to use these images in your product galleries and any ghost images that you make.

The best mannequins that add value to photoshop ghost mannequin service look like real models and possess a static pose. The model should also compose of minimal styling. For instance, long hair shall be tied up to avoid any sort of obstruction in the viewing of the product. These details make Photoshop service of ghost mannequins really easy.

Similarly, if you select a mannequin with or without arms, then ensure that the limbs can be taken out of the frame. It is better to use white matte mannequins in such cases as those are inclined to be non-reflective and blend well with white backgrounds. Apart from this, you should make sure that your product fits your mannequin by choosing the right size- one that fits the mannequin easily. More so, if your product has got sleeves, keep them hanging downwards so that the viewer is not able to see below them.

It's a cost-effective way to promote any product

Setup and equipment are also an adding factor to the value of Photoshop ghost mannequin service. To deliver the ghost mannequin technique, you should be able to form superior-quality photographs in a studio setting. Given that the quality is compromised, the appeal of the ghost mannequin service lowers. Here is where you should use the high-quality camera, lighting techniques as well as good equipment.

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Tutorial by Dinamicostudio

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