Unlock Fashionista Secrets: 7 Must-Have Shoe Types
18 Nov

Unlock Fashionista Secrets: 7 Must-Have Shoe Types

Ladies love to appear nice, elegant, and attractive all the time. Shoes are one of the basic needs of any woman, and here are ten types of shoes every fashionista should own.

Everyone knows how crazy women are to look attractive to everyone present in the world. It is not something that belongs to this era, but women have always wanted to look perfect when stepping out of the house. The majority of the women opt for Cox Bundles to stay aware of the ongoing fashion.

They always like to get the best dresses, shoes, purses, and parlor treatments to look better than everyone else around them. Let it be office, party, college, or even a grocery store; you would see women dressed up as if they are about to walk down from a royal palace on the red carpet.

If you believe women love big diamonds, then think again. They love diamonds, but they are not in range of everyone so, the majority of the women go for the look that shines no less than a diamond. Shoes are one of the basic priorities of women. No matter how much they spend on shopping, shoe shopping always has a separate budget.

If you are head to toes in love with shoes or someone whose life partner is crazy for shoes, here are some shoes that should be a part of the collection.

Pointed Pumps

Pointed Pumps have been in fashion for years now. You can see all the big Hollywood stars, Bollywood stars, singers, writers, composers, and almost every famous woman wearing some pairs of pointed pumps in some event. This inspired women to buy as many pairs of Pointed Pumps as possible.

These pumps were made by many famous shoe brands and in different colors. Some brands played around with the concept of Pointed Pumps and came up with glossy, embroidered, and embellished shoes. The shoes got even more famous after such experimentation, and the sales went ten times up.

Black City Long Boots

The majority of individuals think that long boots are just for winters, but they fit perfectly with short dresses in summers. These shoes are some of some shoes that never go out of fashion. You can spot famous women walking in long boots now and then. Long boots come in different kinds of stuff, ranging from leather to normal cloth. You can buy them in any color, but most women prefer to buy Black City Long Boots, as they fit easily with the kind and color of the dress and are perfect to wear in any weather.

Ballerina Flats

You can spot Ballerina Flats in the shoe stand of every female, as they never get out of fashion. They come in different colors, stuff, design and luckily, in every size. These shoes belong to the group of shoes that gets well with women of any age group.

Moreover, the best thing about these shoes is the level of comfort one feels while wearing them. You can buy them at different rates from different stores.

Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels, these are the two words that make every woman's heart skip a beat. These belong to the group of mostly worn shoes. The majority of the women love to buy Wedge Heels on almost every shopping trip they make.

They are a perfect combination of heels and comfort. Even the ladies who avoid wearing heels love to wear Wedge Heels whenever they get the chance. If your shoe stand does not have Wedge Heels, you should buy them straight away.

Flat Lace Sandals

Flat Lace Sandals are one of some things women love about summers. You can see almost every second woman wearing them with any dress. They come in different styles, colors, and materials, but they look cool under the hot sun.

shoe style

The summer is knocking again at the door, so you ladies should get ready to face the sun with some flat lace sandals.

Wooden Platform Sandals

Wooden Platform Sandals are an absolute love of women. These shoes go well with every other kind of dress you would like to wear. Moreover, you can find much variety in every brand's Wooden Platform Sandals cabinet.


Sneakers are one of the "must-have" shoes for every woman present in the world. They are perfect to wear in any weather, with any dress, and at any event, you want to attend. The majority of celebrities wear sneakers when they feel going casual and comfortable.

Importance of Product Photography

If you own an e-commerce store where you sell different types of shoes and other products, it is extremely important that you present them nicely to the customers viewing your store. The images of all the products are the only things that either make or break the customer's plan to buy from you.

Make sure that you use a good camera, the best lighting, nice background, and a good concept to click pictures of your products to post on your store. The quality of the images should be no less than the best. If you do not have a good quality camera, go for editing the image using Photoshop before posting it.

E-commerce stores can find many deals on the best cameras and percentage off on different photo-editing tools online. Some photo-editing tools provide a free trial version to the customers as well. Moreover, customers can buy quality shoes at cheap rates from many e-commerce stores as well.

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