Clipping Path Vs. Magic Wand
26 May

Clipping Path Vs. Magic Wand

Pictures have become a business these days. And there are multiple tools to make these images better and to add more effects to them. Likewise, some photos need no background. It can be done in many ways.

There are many software's that offer tools to get it done. Mainly photoshop is used to edit photos and to make the quality of the image better. The background removal is also done in photoshop. You can either use a clipping path or a magic wand to remove the background. Masking is also used for the same purpose.

There are multiple tools for the same purpose, but each tool may have a slight difference. Either the way or the output can also be a little different. In comparison, all the tools cannot be used for every product.

Some products need extra precision, and some are good with the slightest of it. In some products, you need to select a particular area, whereas some photos need you to choose the whole creation in order to remove the background.

Let's discuss the difference between a clipping path and a magic wand in photoshop to see which one to use for what kind of product and output.

Clipping Path

A clipping path is a method used to remove the background. It will not only remove the background but will do it with much precision as well. Clipping path is usually used for jewelry to make every detail of the jewelry pop.

The idea of a clipping path arises where there is a need for a photo with no background. Most platforms in the E-commerce market require a picture with a white background or no background. The clipping path is used to fulfill their needs.You can click a high in a quality photo that has a unique angle to show the best of the product, but you are struggling with the background. Clipping path is the easy solution for that problem of yours.

Benefits of Clipping Path

  1.  Removes the background
  2.  Modifies the image
  3.  Modifies the background
  4.  Trims the image
  5.  It cuts the unwanted part off from the image

jewelry clipping

Magic Wand

If you are a beginner and don't know much about photoshop and editing, a magic wand is an easy tool for removing the background. If you have just started your business online and for that, you need images with the background, and you can use this tool of photoshop that is a magic wand. It will help you work with any shape or any image. One thing you need to keep in mind is to adjust the tolerance level.

What Is Tolerance Level?

You must be thinking about what tolerance level is. The setting allows the magic to outline the part of the image you want to trim based on color shade. Let's suppose you set the tolerance to 5.0, and the part of the image to be trimmed is of green color. The magic wand will choose 50 shades lighter and darker and trim it.

Benefits of Magic Wand

  1.  Works with high contract
  2.  Works with different shades of colors
  3.  Selects pixels, not the shape
  4.  Trims hard edges

remove background  by magic wand

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