DSLR Vs Mobile Photography
27 May

DSLR Vs Mobile Photography

We live in an age where photographs are a big part of our life. We see images and buy stuff online. We eat food but capture it before eating. In short, this is an era where our life revolves around photographs. The appearance matters, and so does the quality of your photograph. This is the time when everything is digital, and so is photography. Digital photography is new in used in every part of life. Be it online shopping, marketing or advertisements.

E-commerce mainly depends upon product photography; if your product photo is appealing enough, voila! You score order, but if your competitor?s product photo is better with better pricing, you won?t get the order. The online market is not only competitive but also requires smart work and strategy. While doing product photography, one has to keep in mind that the image quality is excellent, and the image portrays the best of the product.

Now, we choose whether to use a mobile phone or a digital camera that is DSLR. There are many pros and cons of both, which include the quality of the image, post-production, and much more.


Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are more convenient as you can take them anywhere and take photos whenever you want. You don?t have to schedule a shoot particularly for it. You carry your phone everywhere, which makes it easy for you to take photos of anything, anywhere.


Carrying a DSLR is not an easy task. It is not the most convenient thing. For a professional DSLR shoot, one needs to schedule a shoot and make arrangements for the shoot. If you have to take pictures of products, which will require professional photos, DSLR is perfect. But if we consider the convenience, one cannot carry DSLR everywhere, every time.


Mobile Phone

The quality of images from a mobile phone can never be compared to that of a professional camera. Mobile phones these days provide great quality photos. The latest phones have an advanced camera to make it convenient and easy and which can provide high-quality pictures, but you can never compare these photos to the ones taken from DSLR.


DSLR is meant to produce perfect professional photos. We cannot compare the quality of photos from DSLR to those of mobile camera. DSLR produces high-quality photos that are perfectly appropriate for online platforms and suitable to upload on all e-commerce platforms.

Post Production

Mobile Phone

Post-production means the processing of the image, adjustments, and uploading it on the platform which is meant to be posted on. The mobile phone has many applications that can easily edit them and adjust the odds and make it fit to upload. It is easy when done with a mobile phone.


DSLR is only used for photography. You cannot use it to adjust and edit. You will have to transfer the photos to your PC for further editing and post-production. It is not very easy and cannot be done on the go. You will have to sit properly, taking some time out for this task, to make those photos suitable for use.

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