Five Product Photography Tips for modern-day Photographers
27 May

Five Product Photography Tips for modern-day Photographers

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can also cost a thousand dollars in revenue. The most successful eCommerce brands are not just unique, high-quality images. You, as the owner, need to learn how to take professional shots, or at least how to convert ordinary shots into extraordinary photos.

As a website design company owner, I know what it feels like to develop a product and not get the traffic you deserve. This usually happens due to the lack of product photography.

Here are some tips that can help you make your photos look real.

Start with the Right Photography Equipment

People often confuse product photography can be done with any ordinary camera, which is a myth. For your photos to stand out, you need to have a DSLR camera.

If you don't have it, invest in one. These cameras are getting cheaper day by day, so it is easy for you to get one. But if you cannot invest in a digital camera, you can always purchase a good quality digital camera and use the lights to create a great exposure.

product photography

Create videos for your products that sell

You don't have to shoot the whole extended video. You can use short clips to give the flavor of your product.

If you are shooting for eCommerce, you can give a demo of your product or show how your product will add value to your customers' lives.

Videos will give a preview of what you want to offer to your audience. And if the audience knows what you're offering, you'll be able to engage the audience even before users try your product.

Perfect the lightning to beautify your product

One thing you need to do to make your products attention-grabbing is to shoot them in the perfect light. As discussed earlier, you can change the lighting of the product, and it will improve the quality of your photo.

For this to work, you need to use a white background to make it easy for the product to stand out. After that, you'll be able to spotlight your photo more noticeably.

Edit your photos

After you have done the shoot, you need to edit the photos before publishing them on the internet. For that, you can use Adobe Photoshop. Simple software that is easy to use and can do wonders for you.

If possible, you can watch some videos on YouTube and learn from there. Take RAW photos and edit them for more clarity. Here you need to blur out the elements that are taking your attention away from the product.

product photo editing

No need to Rush

Taking photos is an art. It would be best if you learned when to take that perfect shot. This can only be done with vigorous practice. Practice makes men perfect, so does the photo.

If you practice the timing of the photo, you will be able to put the best shots out there. Sure, it will take some time initially, and most of the shots will not show up as you've planned. But with regular practice, you will be able to create that magic.

To wrap it all up

Taking photos is an art. Everyone can do it, but not everyone is the same. It will take time to learn the basics of photography. It would be best to learn how to make the most of product photography.

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