Photography tips on shoes
27 May

Photography tips on shoes

These days most shopping is done online. A few years back, nobody knew about e-commerce, but now it is the easiest way to shop. Customers buy products by just looking at them, which makes the quality of photography very important. The vendors on the online platforms have to make sure that they provide the buyers with the best photo of the product. So that they are not doubtful about the color and the quality, size, and style of the product, which might affect the sales graph, therefore, it is important to provide an image which shows the best features of the product.

All the products are being photographed and sold online. We will discuss the tips for the photography of shoes which will help you in taking better photographs of the shoes, which are of such great quality that they can be uploaded on any e-commerce platform.

Tips for Shoe Photography

Different products need different types of photography. Shoe photography is different from apparel photography. One has to take care of certain things while shoe photography and shoe photo editing.


Lighting is the main tip that you have to take care of while photographing every product. Poor lighting will lead to a poor-quality image which is certainly not helpful for e-commerce. Lighting has to be good enough to show the useful features of the shoes so that the customers don't get confused and change their minds due to this one glitch.

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Lay the Shoe Straight

When taking shoe photos, you need to make sure that you put the shoe straight so the photograph covers and shows most of the shoe.

Don't Over Clutter

While photographing the shoe, you should not go over clutter space with unnecessary props or a vague background. Try to keep it as clean as possible. Adding extra things to the frame can divert the buyer's attention and will not put forward the real qualities of the shoe.

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White Background

Try to keep a white background while photographing a product. In this way, it promotes the image's true colors and catches the buyer's eyes, impresses him, and convinces him to order that product.


Try clicking pictures in multiple angles of the footwear so that the buyer has no doubt left. Multiple pictures with different angles will help in the proper display of the shoe.

Shoe Styling and Shoe Photo Editing

Shoe styling is very important. You cannot just take photos in the way you took the shoes out of the box. You need to make sure the shoe looks fine and appealing, and if not, you need to make it look the best. Which will reflect in photos?

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Shoe styling is important to make the shoe not droop and stay strong, and don't look old and not fit for use. The rest of the odds can be taken care of by photo editing. I am editing an image before uploading is always important to adjust the brightness, exposure, and everything else.

Background Removal

If the photo you clicked didn't have a white background, you could use tools to remove the background. The background is removed to reduce the file size and to make it suitable for uploading on every platform. And not only that, white background or no background puts forward the best and true colors of the image.

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